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Days With Childs From Africa

We are concerned about the present conditions of the world considering children. So many Childs are suffering from many diseases, want of nutrition, doing child labours. They don’t have an education. In this circumstances, we should make a change together. The human being is a social animal. They have reasons to act. They have the power of moral evaluation.

What we need now is to change it positively. But it is hand or in some cases impossible for oneself to make a radical change. If we work together one beside other, we can do it smoothly. It is our moral duty.

All of us should be aware of the bad effects of child lab our that the child should not be treated like theirs. They deserve better environment to play, to be happy. If today we fail to educate them, the society will be affected from their ignorance. It could be so alarming that one day the world will be an inappropriate place to live in.

To be successful in this regard, we must do it together. If each educated people help one, it could be a great number in total. If I do something my neighbors will be encouraged to do so. This is how the number would be increased hopefully. The first thing we have to do is spreading consciousness among people of all sectors. Let them know how bad impacts will be there if they don’t do something.

We should ensure quality education for those deprived Childs. They have the right to learn. We have to make sure quality teachers and educational environment and thereby we must fulfill their basic needs. We should to it according to the principle of equity. Those who have nothing to eat, we should give them food. Those who have nowhere to live in, we must have to ensure their shelter. Without the fulfillment of their basic needs, it cannot be changed.

One cannot do it alone. We need helps from others. If you come forward, we can make an effective change with your help. Let’s do it now. Let’s change it together.

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Give Education To 100 Children

Education is the road that children follow to reach their full potential in life.

Our core objective is to ensure that every child of our mother planet is educated. To fulfill our targets, we happily try to leave no stone unturned making the children all over the world educated. As a member of our planet, we are responsible for our future generations. If we fail to educate them properly, it will be a curse for future generations and the world also.

We know that education is the only road through which today’s children can be a better citizen in future. By ensuring education, we can teach them that there is no difference between the white and the black, that all people are equal, they we should respect all religions on the earth, that we all have social responsibilities to our neighbors, to our surroundings, to the environment we belong to.

So, to make our world happy and safe, the first thing we need is to ensure actual education to all. But there are some difficulties that all people in this world cannot afford to send their children to schools because they are so costly. Even in the remote areas, there has not enough facilities to get education. For all these reasons, we started our programmer to help them so that child in every corner of this planet can get proper education someday.

If everybody who have ability to support them come forward, this world will be better someday. If you support a child and like this the other support another one, it will be great in number to some extent in near future. But we cannot help all children at a time. To do this, we need your cordial help. Our main problem is the excessive shortage of money. If you donate voluntarily, the children must be benefitted.

With your donation, we could search for the deprived children and make sure their basic needs and give all facilities to school education by establishing more schools in the rural areas, by ensuring quality teachers, by giving all the things they need to be educated. You have the capacity enough to give education to your child. But don’t you want that there should be an educated child beside your dear sons or daughters?

If you want to help, support us to support the deprived children. Giving quality education to 100 children today will ensure education for all the children tomorrow.

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